Sat 13th July

Dress Code

Kilt and Bunad are most welcome. Otherwise, dress as you would for a wedding!

Morning Workout for All

Join in for some fun training for all 08.30 on Saturday morning! Allan Andersen, Swedish Champion and European Team Champion in knock-down karate :-), will guide us for a fun 60 minute workout. You will be challenged on strength, balance and cardio. A lot of fun for anyone who has trained just a little or a lot. Bring exercise gear and a great mood!

2.00pm The Wedding

Humanist ceremony at Mar Lodge, fingers crossed for nice weather so we can be outside. The service will be conducted by Fiona Lawrence.

2.45pm Highland Welcome

Speeches, photographs, cupid's cocktails and tasty treats on the lawns with the local pipe band for your entertainment.

5.00pm Bring on the food

Dinner, Drams and Toasts.
Our friends at are providing the meal. To help with planning, please select your preferred meal: beef, chicken or vegetarian on your RSVP. We would love it if you’d like to make a toast. For the Toastmasters Isla and Thomas to coordinate toasts for the evening, please state on the RSVP if you would like be involved.


Dance a wild jig or three. For those who aren’t familiar with Scottish Ceilidh (pronounced Kay-Lee) dancing, there will be plenty of help for you. If you have no idea what this looks like, check out this video!

Even Later

More music, Scottish stovies (a Scots meat and potato dish) to keep your energy up, dancing and more drinks.

We will provide a limited bar (beer, vodka, gin, whisky), if you prefer something particular, then please feel free to bring this with you. Also, once the bar is dry, the bar is dry, so again feel free to bring a ‘carry out’ for an after party.

Sun 14th July

Dress Code

Go for comfortable & casual.


BBQ & Games
Location: Mar Lodge
Everyone is welcome


Afternoon Tea & Cake
Scrabble and Jenga
Followed by a walk on the grounds






Bridesmaid &
Wedding Mastermind

Susan is Sarahs big sister, and she’s been amazing at helping organise the wedding. From making the bridesmaid dresses to coordinating activities. She’s a star.


Best Man

After meeting in San Francisco in 1991, Dag and Bob have been the best of mates. So much so Dag married Bob to his lovely wife Mo.


Wonder Mum

Enough said.


Mamma & "Bestis"

She's returning to Scotland for a great wedding party!


Fun Dad


Dag's Dad

Dad just "a couple" of years ago. Andy is with us in spirit.


The Godmother

Ruby has worked tirelessly with Susan to organise the wedding.


The Godfather

Joe will be conducting a reading at the ceremony.



Son of the Groom, loves playing music, skiing, boating and just hanging out. Does very well at high school. At almost 16, driving a car is just around the corner in Seattle! He makes his Pappa proud!



Daughter of the Groom, loves singing in musicals, her vocal jazz choir, skiing, playing and just hanging out. Does very well at Alexander Hamilton International Middle School. She's Pappa's sweetheart!



Great friend from the school days - Cooking eggs in the middle of the night, and getting the hair just right with vaseline, which was pretty much impossible to get out! Sverre knows EVERYTHING about wine!



Best mate. Skier, climber, Yoga teacher, horse rider, there’s not much she can’t do.



Fantastic skier and road racer! You can't go any faster!



Laura is possibly the nicest, most thoughtful person on the planet. Fact.

Hans Petter "HP"


A true and solid friend since 1st grade! Mr. Gadget! Excellent skier, fun and an accountant to boot!



In spirit from a higher place.


Flower Girl

Calyn is Sarah’s niece, she’s 6, loves pink and princesses.


Page Boy

Alex is 3, Sarah’s nephew. Very chilled.


Flower Girl

Orla is Sarahs gorgeous god Daughter. She’s daughter to Jane and Moray, our very good friends.



Isla and Sarah met age 12 at school. Back then we shared a love of cycling and Tom Petty. As well as being a great friend Isla is pretty used to picking up a mic hence co-toasting with Thomas. (



A great friend since university. Smart, focused and very driven. Flew the bride and groom in his helicopter on their first date from Oslo to Engø Gård in Norway. Don't challenge him in a regatta or ice hockey!


Signing the register

Yes another best mate. Our fingers and toes are crossed that Becks is able to make the wedding as she is due her second baby in early July.

Update: Rebekah (for obvious baby delivery reasons) has passed the baton to our great friend Bella, who also designed the invites.


Conducting a reading

Our good friend Vigdis will be conducting a reading at the ceremony.

Helpful notes

Due to restrictions on numbers allowed at the wedding venues, regrettably we are unable to extend the invites to all the little people. Those that will be there have a starring role on the day.

If you have any queries or need any additional help with accommodation, travel or general information. Please feel free to contact one of the wedding masterminds Susan Reid (The Big Sister)

Where to lay your head

There is limited accommodation at Mar Lodge which has been reserved for family and the wedding party. However, there’s a good selection of hotels, bed and breakfasts and self catering accommodation in the area. As there are various events happening that weekend, we recommend you book early.

There will be two taxis making shuttle runs from Mar Lodge to Braemar from 11.30pm until 2am on the Saturday. Each shuttle run will cost £6.


Invercauld Arms Hotel
Braemar AB35 5YR
013397 41605
5.5 miles from venue

The Moorfield House Hotel
Chapel Brae
Braemar AB35 5YT
013397 4l244 or 07936 242558

Braemar Lodge Hotel
Glenshee Road
Braemar AB35 5YQ
013397 41627

Invercauld Castle
Braemar AB35 5TS
013397 41213

Fife Arms Hotel
Mar Road
Braemar AB35 5YN
01339 741644
0845 7000 400 (sales office)


Mr Dennis Sharp
Balnellan House
Glenshee Road,
Braemar AB35 5YQ
013397 41474

Mrs Carol Macintosh
Linn O'Dee Place
Braemar AB35 5YG
013397 41595

Mrs I C McKellar
Glenshee Road
Braemar AB35 5YQ
013397 41370

Mrs Wilma McLellan
St Margarets
Braemar AB35 5ZS
013397 41697

Dalmore House B&B;
Fife Brae
Braemar AB35 5NS
013397 41225

Dave & Angela Till
Craiglea Bed & Breakfast
Hillside Road
Braemar AB35 5YU
013397 41641

St Andrews Chapel House
Carole Paterson
013397 41493 or 07708 001798


Braemar Lodge
Glenshee Road
Braemar AB35 5YQ
013397 41627

Mrs Sandra Hutton
Ivy Cottage
Cluniebank Road
013397 416 42

Phil and Sharman Hampson
Laura Street
Glenshee Road
013397 41529

Mrs Astrid Cheyne
Fife Cottages
Chapel Brae
013397 41608

Dalmore House
Fife Brae
013397 41225

Cranford Self Catering
013397 41675

Mar Lodge

Mar Lodge Estate is recognised as one of the most important nature conservation landscapes in the British Isles.

Within its boundaries are fine examples of classic features of a Highland landscape: remnants of the ancient Caledonian pine forest, heather moorland, juniper scrub and a part of the high Cairngorm plateau.

The stylish interconnecting public rooms allow guests to relax, mingle and enjoy the surroundings, before dinner in the beautifully appointed Craggan Ballroom or elegant Dining Room.

Getting there

Mar Lodge Estate is 3 miles west of Braemar in Aberdeenshire.

There are no public transport services from Braemar to the Mar Lodge Estate. However, we have organised taxis for the night of the wedding (see below).

From Edinburgh: 93 miles; allow 2 hrs and 30 minutes driving.

From Aberdeen: 56 miles; allow 1 hr and 45 minutes driving.

Getting back

There will be two taxis making shuttle runs from Mar Lodge to Braemar from 11.30pm until 2am on the Saturday.

Each shuttle run will cost £6.

Dress code

Kilt and Bunad are most welcome. Otherwise, dress as you would for a wedding!

Sunday, go for comfortable & casual.

A wee minding

In Scots language, people might say "a wee minding", which can refer to a gift with the word "mind" being used to mean "remember", in the context that you were thinking of someone.“A wee minding" would usually be a small gift just to show you were thinking of the person.

Sarah and Dag do not expect a gift, they would much rather have your company. However, if you really must, here are a few suggestions:

  • Heli-skiing trip
  • A small Caribbean island
  • A trip to the moon and back

Okay, you’ll find some serious suggestions listed with John Lewis.

The gift list number will be: 554780 at

As some of the items are quite expensive, feel free to get something as a group, or something not on this list, or nothing at all!

Contact me

22 Miron Drive
New York City, 12603 NY

Phone: 845- 123 4567